Murder At Midnight – John Ukah



The only things retired police officer, Alex Simpson wants when he comes to the Kinging Guest Lodge are delicious home-cooked meals and a serene environment. He is recovering from typhoid, after all.

And he knows from experience to expect more than just bed and breakfast from this hideaway in Cross River State.

But the last thing he expects is to play private investigator.

Yet, that’s exactly what happens when another guest, Maria Marshall is found in her room with a knife sticking out of her chest.

Unfortunately, Maria is a woman of different faces – so more than one other guest has reasons to want her dead.

The gallery of suspects include:
– an amateur astronomer/peeping Tom
– a tortured artist in a love triangle with Maria
– another whose physical appearance hides his past in plain sight
– a recovering drug addict who sees the deceased as a femme fatale, till he notices her passion for teaching children with special needs
– a preacher with a booming voice and no patience for frivolities
– a wheelchair-bound battle-axe of an old lady in the person of Maria’s own mother, Mrs. Marshall, who strongly disapproves of Maria’s choices

With her razor sharp wit, keen ears and acerbic tongue, Mrs Marshall’s pattern is to provoke everyone in sight. So, will her knitting needles help her weave her way out of a criminal investigation?

Things aren’t looking good for Alex, either. Especially because the police remember that during his last visit to the Kinging Guest Lodge, another young woman was found dead in the same room as Maria.

Under pressure from the State Governor and with a reputation to protect, an arrogant DPO makes it clear that he doesn’t need outside help to close a case.

But as the clock ticks, Alex becomes more convinced that there’s more to this case than meets the eye and someone will be arrested for a crime they did not commit.

So, who in this cozy mystery, had a strong enough motive and ample opportunity to not just murder Maria at midnight, but also have her door locked from inside?


ISBN: 9789785470710 (EPUB)

ISBN: 9789785470703 (Kindle)


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