Fearless Five By Four Boxed Set – Chioma Nnani, Chinedu Enechi, John Ukah & John Achile Yusuf


The Fearless Five By Four Boxed Set is the eBook collection of five titles by four authors from The Fearless Storyteller House Emporium Ltd.



All she’s ever wanted to hear is “Welcome home”. But between narcissistic parents and a recession, is a grafter who’s been told that she’s good for nothing, doomed to become a domestic violence statistic? Or will Cassie find her golden fleece and a home in the entertainment industry?

Felix suffers situational depression, yet has to convince the boss chick he’s been yearning for, that he is full five yards of husband material. But with his secrets hidden in plain sight, her health problems, and all the rumuors of blood money, can they find their happily ever after? Or will searching for the truth destroy them both?

When a man from a dysfunctional family doesn’t see eye to eye with anyone who wants to keep him in harm’s way, he’ll stop at nothing to get rid of a golddigger. When emotional blackmail fails, will Chuks’ broken dreams of meeting ‘the one’ stop him from finding home?

After backlash and notoriety follow a columnist’s latest offering, her radio show unexpectedly becomes a hit. But does Jade have the gumption to transition from radio personality to TV presenter and build a brand in Abuja? Or will the immigrant experience prove too much for her?

Find out today in this collection of short stories about finding home, going home, and being home.

“Because Home Is” is a short story collection about finding home, going home, and being home.



How far can one’s home life go to determine or scupper their destiny?

When Ifechidere is accused of being a child-witch by her aunt, nobody speaks up for her.

So, she has to make do with a daily routine that consists of chores and child abuse – with no fairy godmother to rescue her.

But after she collides with an unexpected opportunity, Ifechidere’s first day at school turns out to be even more than she hoped for.

A fairy godfather with a debt to pay, seems to be her one-way ticket out of the life of an abuse victim, and her passport into a world of new experiences.

But when her marriage plans stall and she discovers the truth about her identity that’s been hidden in plain sight all this time, will the moral support of close friends help Ifechidere hold her happily ever after?



The only things retired police officer, Alex Simpson wants when he comes to the Kinging Guest Lodge are delicious home-cooked meals and a serene environment. He is recovering from typhoid, after all.

And he knows from experience to expect more than just bed and breakfast from this hideaway in Cross River State.

But the last thing he expects is to play private investigator.

Yet, that’s exactly what happens when another guest, Maria Marshall is found in her room with a knife sticking out of her chest.

Unfortunately, Maria is a woman of different faces – so more than one other guest has reasons to want her dead.

The gallery of suspects include:
– an amateur astronomer/peeping Tom
– a tortured artist in a love triangle with Maria
– another whose physical appearance hides his past in plain sight
– a recovering drug addict who sees the deceased as a femme fatale, till he notices her passion for teaching children with special needs
– a preacher with a booming voice and no patience for frivolities
– a wheelchair-bound battle-axe of an old lady in the person of Maria’s own mother, Mrs. Marshall, who strongly disapproves of Maria’s choices

With her razor sharp wit, keen ears and acerbic tongue, Mrs Marshall’s pattern is to provoke everyone in sight. So, will her knitting needles help her weave her way out of a criminal investigation?

Things aren’t looking good for Alex, either. Especially because the police remember that during his last visit to the Kinging Guest Lodge, another young woman was found dead in the same room as Maria.

Under pressure from the State Governor and with a reputation to protect, an arrogant DPO makes it clear that he doesn’t need outside help to close a case.

But as the clock ticks, Alex becomes more convinced that there’s more to this case than meets the eye and someone will be arrested for a crime they did not commit.

So, who in this cozy mystery, had a strong enough motive and ample opportunity to not just murder Maria at midnight, but also have her door locked from inside?



Do you know any secondary school student, who could survive a plane crash… and a jungle?

Before a group of youngsters from the same Abuja private school, set off for the annual African Colleges Competition in South Africa – their only mandate is to return home with as many gold medals as possible.

But when their delayed flight turns into a flight cancellation, nobody foresees danger – especially as a replacement flight is sorted.
It’s only when their pilot loses contact with the control tower, that an air traffic controller has to admit he has no idea what’s going on.

In a race against time and with the elements, wild animals and other factors, which of the students has what it takes to survive a Congolese jungle IF they survive the crash?

There’s also the question of “what” will survive when close friends are thrust together by Fate in the ultimate reality show without cameras – first loves, innocence, sanity, sense of right and wrong, and hopes for the future…



How does a daddy’s girl from Nigeria, who’s never been in a toxic relationship in her life, end up with an abusive husband in the UK?

The only child of a wealthy entrepreneur and a celebrity event planner, Nadine knows what it is to be ride or die.

But she’s also a Type A personality who’s been homesick, survived sleep deprivation, learned to tolerate English weather and British food, battled loneliness despite close friends, noticed her shedding hair, and managed to dip her toe in student life – ever since she started studying Law in the UK as an international student.

Convinced she’s found her soulmate when she starts dating, Nadine hopes for a love marriage and a happy ending.

But Nadine’s dad isn’t particularly looking forward to a father-and-daughter dance at what he’s afraid might be an interracial marriage ceremony for her.

When unexpected events trigger a life change for Nadine, she feels her best bet is to reconsider her options without rose-colored glasses. Meanwhile, her closest friend, Stella believes Nadine is having a quarter life crisis.

Will the loyalty of a perfectionist to those who aren’t there when she needs them the most, turn Nadine into a domestic violence statistic?

Or will Battered Woman Syndrome cause her to self-destruct in a foreign land, where the weight of generational differences she has carried with her, makes her feel alone?



ISBN: 9789785470796 (EPUB)


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